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Every child is genius in the making. Our STEM² program designed for 4- 16yrs is interesting, inspiring and futuristic. Our students can imagine future and inspire knowledge from our uniquely designed hands on program for school and after school students. Stem learning or stem education is the need for today’s generation. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Management are the key to success for every innovator, entrepreneur or a business leader. Stem² skills are increasingly necessary to navigate an ever-more complex world and a globalized economy.

Programs for each grade are specifically designed by engineers, experts from industry and educators to specifically address “ why, how, what”.


  • Place great value in their child getting great education.
  • Recognize the importance of good skills in a highly competitive and technological society and want their children to get tools needed to achieve and be successful.
  • Want their child to be motivated and self-confident, to be proud of their talents and accomplishments, to be able to analyze problems, evaluate opportunities, learn from mistakes and bounce back from setback.
  • Program Highlights:
  • • Product Design
    • Analytical thinking
    • S3 Selling Program(Juniors & Seniors)
    • Kids MBA program(Juniors & Seniors)
    • Cool take away gadgets
    • Loads of Innovation
    • Mechanical, Electronics and Engineering Projects